“In a study, scientists report that drinking beer can be good for the liver.

I’m sorry, did I say ‘scientists’? I meant Irish people.”

Tina Fey, comedian & role model


Beer – This ice-cold, thirst-killing, full-flavored delight is a celebrated cross-national phenomena. No other liquid has the power to connect friends, family, or even total strangers.

However, for many people beer remains “a guy thing”… not only when it comes to consumption but also the production of beer. 3 craft beer lovers from Blackrock decided that it was time to show the world their point of beer.

The female founded Blackrock Brew combines the arts & craft of beer-making with female-entrepreneurial spirit and powerful messages.


Sophie Dorenz

Sophie – she really owns it – the passion for beer, the bad-ass business skills and positive energy.

After getting her business degree, she started dedicating her time to her affection for beer. Putting her heart ‘n soul into this project, she created our business plan, determined to execute it with perfection. With an eye for detail and organizational talent, Sophie knows how to execute the vision of Blackrock Brewery.

Pia Schairer

Pia – wine-addict turned beer-lover – is the gourmet-chef of Blackrock Brewery, spending most of her time tasting, refining and BREWING.

Originally from a big wine area in Germany, Pia had to admit to herself that she could not stay there longer when her love for beer became stronger. Destined to use her wine-past for a better good, she added wine-inspired flavors to make our brews truly unique.

Nina Lampela

Nina – our bright-shining Northern Light from Finland – is not only our creative website designer, but a happy-go-lucky debating champion.

When Nina starts typing, her computer becomes her instrument, creating beautiful music a.k.a. our web presents, marketing campaigns and inspirational portraits of women. She loves popcorn, Christmas time and skydiving.